How Film Engine Can Help You Produce Your Feature Film

There tend to be two reasons why filmmakers stumble early on in the filmmaking process: they have an insufficiently developed script and/or they don’t know how to raise development finance that is essential for attaching cast.

We help creatives and producers develop potentially marketable scripts, attach cast and raise further finance for their film.  We make use of existing tax incentives, such as the Seed Investment Enterprise Scheme (SEIS) to boost the development process and attract interest from sales and distribution.

Keeping It Real

It’s easy to get carried away with the romance of filmmaking, but we believe in keeping it real. Sharp lines of communication and transparency. A tight, hard-working budget. A realistic price for any proposed member of the cast. We consider losses as well as gains and take nothing for granted.

Some of our slate of films are budgeted at under £500,000, others in excess of £2M. When we started out most of our projects tended to be budgeted at £150K per film. Sometimes  you have to start small to open a conversation. Now, we are in a position to explore new ways of multiplying those budgets, adding more value to both creative and sales potential. 
Too small and a film will struggle to reach the big screen. Too big, too soon and the film will likely turn out a turkey. It’s our practice to build on solid foundations, one brick at a time.

For Your Portfolio

We understand investors’ needs for a range of ‘product’ in which to invest. Increasingly we are talking to, and are in dealings with, high net worth individuals who are looking for investment opportunities in the UK independent sector.

An Open Door

We welcome approaches from creative and producers, who have well-developed proposals, including scriptwriters who have yet to gain their first feature film credit.

If you are a writer or writer’s agent and wish to submit a screenplay, please send us a logline and synopsis in the first instance.