The thrill of investing in a film

Let’s be clear about this from the outset – investing in a film, even with big stars attached, is still a risky venture. But the potential pay-off can be fantastic, both financially and emotionally.

You get to be part of something a little extraordinary, a little bit of magic. How often do you get the chance to be part of that?

Choose well – or get lucky – and your investment in a movie can be much greater than most traditional investments, such as property and stock market shares.

The film industry has continued to grow throughout the now officially over recession and demand is at a peak.

The demand for content just keeps on growing – via the internet, DVD, VOD, mobile devices…  it’s never been a better time to invest in the moving image.

And with the latest advances in digital movie technology, independent filmmakers can now produce movies with a high production value for much less than even five years ago.

Reducing your risk In Investing film

While investing in film is traditionally understood to be a ‘risky venture’, there are various ways of insuring a solid return on your investment, at the very least. Most countries offer tax incentives (see SEIS and EIS) for private investors, and many films, even low budget films, manage to secure pre-sales, thereby ensuring any loss is covered even before the film goes into production.

As any experienced investor knows, the best way to gain the best return is to invest in a range of products – in this case a folio of films. This is something we at Film Engine offers our investors, improving their leverage and reducing their risk.

It’s our aim to go into production only once we are confident that the script, film production team and cast, as a package, show every sign of making a solid – if not excellent – return on investment.

Exclusive benefits to Investors

During the process of making any of our feature films, Investors will be invited to a range of events and be provided with benefits exclusive to the project in hand.

Together with a guest, investors will benefit from the following:

  • Personal invitations to the end-of-filming party where you can meet the producers, the director, the writer and crew.
  • VIP day when Investors and guests can visit the film set to gain a unique insight into the movie-making process.
  • Elite screenings at a West End venue followed by a drinks reception with celebrity guests.
  • Still and movie clips from the Investor parties and interviews with the cast.
  • The chance to be an Extra in the film.
  • The opportunity for the Investor or members of the Investor’s family to gain work experience on the film.

So as you can see, there is not just money to be made investing in a Film Engine production – there’s plenty of fun to be had too.

Feel free to get in touch with us for a no obligation discussion with Phil Taylor about any projects that interest you. Phil comes from a background of 20 years in finance and understands the particular needs of our investors