Cannes is upon us and Film Engine will be there – to meet with financiers, sales agents, distributors and above the line talent. Meetings are arranged in relation to our current slate of films. If you are a producer looking for a co-pro or an investor looking to open a conversation with a production company with a diverse slate of commercial films, do get in touch ( and we’ll … Read More»

British Film Industry Goes From Strength to Strength

High-end TV production in the UK soars as film production tops £1bn for second year The British Film Commission welcomes figures published today by the BFI’s Research and Statistics Unit, which reveal that inward investment film production spend for the UK has topped £1bn for the second consecutive year – the first time it has done so since records began. The figures also show a huge 20% leap … Read More»

Psychological Thriller Weapon Filming in Worcester

Film Engine's psychological thriller, Weapon, is in production in Worcester and features parts of Worcester as a backdrop, including a hostel for the homeless and a lapdancing club. Weapon tells the intimate and gritty story of ex-soldier Adam Smith, a veteran of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, who is struggling to make the return to civilian life. He feels deserted by the Government and feels he … Read More»

Film Engine goes to Cannes

Cannes is upon us and Film Engine will be there – to  meet with financiers, sales agents, distributors and above the line talent. We’ll also be meeting a few people who are over from LA to discuss the production of our investment banking thriller The Big Steal and our female lead action movie Soldier Girls. The Cannes Festival also sees the first screening of The Forbidden Note, directed by … Read More»

Big Push For Raising Film Finance Before Tax Year End

It’s been quite a hectic 4 months, exploring a number of new avenues for financing Film Engine’s films. The journey has seen a few doors being slammed shut, me pitching at a Dragons’ Den, lengthy train journeys, cold cups of tea and wearing out a pair of shoes. We’re not at the end of that journey, but I can report that Film Engine is now purring nicely with some excellent new contacts in the … Read More»

When The Money Runs Out – promo plus interviews with cast

Now that we've cast the key roles for When The Money Runs Out, we thought we’d extend our promo video by asking two members of the cast to tell us what attracted them to the project. Eloise Smyth (in white) is cast to play Scarlet, the lead role, and Paige Meade is cast as Nuala, Scarlet’s best friend in the film. We hope you find their unrehearsed passion as refreshing as we did! … Read More»