Executive Producer
Phil Taylor
Sue Pomeroy
Associate Producer
Marc Westerholt

Jane Austen – Overcoming Pride & Prejudice

HMRC Pre-approved SEIS

This is a full length feature film, with quality drama​ and high profile actors at the heart of it. The film will embrace stunning locations loved by Jane Austen and explore her fascinating life story.
Jane Austen – Overcoming Pride & Prejudice takes advantage of Sue Pomeroy’s specialist expertise and in-depth research to create a fabulous film for which there is already a hungry, worldwide market.

Jane Austen’s inner journey

At the heart of this film is the golden thread of Jane Austen’s inner self, her intimate feelings, her hopes and dreams. The film takes us to Steventon , where Jane grew up, to the high society of Bath, to Lyme Regis and the coast she loved, to Chawton House where she spent many happy years.

The film will explore the people she loved and the environment that shaped her views her views on love, sexual attraction and marriage. We know Jane Austen was romantically attached. How deeply in love was she? Where does all the repressed passion in her novels come from? Jane also knew what it was like to face a future without financial security, at a time when women of her class were not expected to earn their own living. Yet she persevered in spite of the considerable obstacles in her path.

The film will take an intimate look at the struggles she faced, writing in secret and finding enormous courage to share her work and have it published – anonymously. It will explore Jane Austen’s impact as a woman writer and ask why her novels have captivated readers the world over and so deeply touch the heart over two hundred years later.

Film Engine are proud to be part of this project which continues to gain momentum in 2015.

You can find out more about the project at Jane Austen Productions.